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QuickFit Onboard Oil Change Systems
QuickFit Onboard Oil Change Systems
QuickFit Onboard Oil Change Systems

Fleet fluid Maintenance that is Safer, Cleaner and Faster

For a lot of fleets, routine maintenance has become anything but routine. Keeping your fleet in peak operating condition shouldn’t be so difficult. Machines sit idle for hours during “simple” oil changes. Technicians risk injury removing hot filters and climbing under or around the machines. Hot oil spills endanger your technicians AND the environment. The solution? The QuickFitTM system.

The QuickFitTM system is a simple and effective way to change oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids without taking too much time, risking unnecessary injury or facing environmental fines. The QuickFitTM system utilizes the state-of-the-art PERTTM process to Purge the filters, Evacuate the sump, then Refill the engine via its new filters and automatically Timestamp the service event.




QuickFitTM fluid maintenance systeMS

With just one fitting per compartment, the QuickFitTM system allows you to service most machines in less than 30 minutes. Filters are easily purged to eliminate hot oil spills, then automatically filled and new oil is completely filtered for improved continuous contamination control. The optional timestamp feature can automatically record the service and enables you to efficiently manage fluids for engines, transmissions and hydraulic reservoirs.
The QuickFitTM system makes fluid maintenance cleaner, safer and faster for ALL makes and models… AND it’s repeatable, so it’s easier for you to schedule and plan routine PM services. Simply put, routine maintenance becomes routine again. Maintenance becomes simple. Productivity goes up. The risk of spills and contamination is virtually eliminated.






Purge, Evacuate, Refill fluids with the QuickFit Onboard Oil Change System


Up to 35% of service-related injuries on heavy equipment can be attributed to technicians climbing on, off or under the machine. With the QuickFitTM system, there is virtually no need to climb under machines to remove belly guards or position/remove drain pans during routine maintenance. With ground-accessible service points, your technicians can purge old systems/filters, evacuate compartments and refill all from a single point. They also get a “live dipstick read” on the engine’s oil level without climbing up on the machine, starting the engine, shutting down and then topping off the levels. Fewer steps mean less chance of error and injury.


The QuickFitTM system purges fluid from the system/filters and evacuates fluid from the compartments directly to final containment, preventing spills. It’s a completely closed loop, environmentally friendly process. No dripping filters. No drain pans. No intermediate containers.


The QuickFitTM system saves you time and money while increasing machine availability by automating fluid management (PERTTM). QuickFitTM allows you to do a complete engine oil and filter change in less than 30 minutes, or a complete 250- or 500-hour service, including greasing, oil samples, and inspection, in about an hour. You reduce typical PM times by 1.5 to 2.5 hours per service. It also increases technician capacities… you can do more with your existing people.

Gain Hours of Machine Availability

Whether you’re maintaining a fleet of equipment in the field or you’re servicing it from a central location, QuickFitTM systems will save you time and money:

  • Paybacks in 12 months or less
  • Service in less than 30 minutes
  • Gains 1.5 – 2.5 hours of machine availability, per service
  • Fits virtually all machines, new or old
  • Carries a comprehensive 12-month, unconditional parts warranty

Easily Upgraded as Your Requirements Change

QuickFitTM is part of a family of fluid management solutions, so as your equipment needs change, it’s not a problem. Need onboard, self-contained service capabilities to support remote sites or multiple field locations? QuickFitTM systems can be upgraded to QuickEvacTM or MultiVacTM systems. The QuickEvacTM system combines engine evacuation with engine pre-lubrication, making machines fully self-contained and ideal for remote location servicing. The MultiVacTM system expands those capabilities to transmissions, differentials and hydraulic fluids for the maximum in remote service capability.


Download the QuickFitTM Fleet Fluid Maintenance System Flyer

*QuickFitTM, QuickEvacTM, MultiVacTM and PERTTM are registered trade marks of RPM Industries LLC.


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