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SKF Automatic Lubrication System Solutions: FLO Components, Value Added Partner and Distributor For SKF (Vogel) Brand Lubrication Solutions – SKF MonoFlex, SKF DuoFlex, SKF ProFlex, SKF MultiFlex, SKF CircOil, SKF Oil+Air, SKF LubriLean Minimal Quantity Lube System, automatic lubrication systems



SKF Automatic Lubrication
SKF Automatic Lubrication
SKF Automatic Lubrication
SKF Automatic Lubrication
SKF Automatic Lubrication

FLO Components – Value Added Partner For SKF Lubrication Solutions

The true potential of lubrication is often overlooked. This is true across industries and in countless applications, from machine tools and mobile equipment to pulp & paper and wind turbines. What if the right lubrication solution opened up new opportunities to improve profitability by reducing costs and boosting reliability? What if it allowed you to design a machine that offers your customers more value while being more cost-effective to manufacture?

With the right lubrication partner, it just might. Discover what FLO Components SKF Brand Lubrication Solutions can mean for your business. FLO can offer a complete range of lubrication solutions, from specialized lubricants and manual lubricators to the most innovative automatic and centralized lubrication systems on the market.


Working together with FLO, you can rely on receiving the right lubricant, in the right amount, with the right lubrication system, at the right lubrication point. Wherever your machine runs. Here are just some of the SKF Brand Lubrication Solutions we can offer you:


MonoFlex Single-line Automatic Lubrication Systems Designed for Oil, & Grease NLGI grades 000 to 2


SKF (Vogel) MonoFlex Single-line Automatic Lubrication Systems Designed for Oil, & Grease NLGI grades 000 to 00
Typically used in applications such as machine tools, printing machines, textile machines, packaging machines and more, single-line centralized lubrication systems are designed to feed a machine’s lube points frequently, with relatively small amounts of lubricant, as required. Single-line systems can be designed for oil or grease.

Automatic systems can be controlled on a time or load basis. Exchangeable metering nipples on the distributors make it possible to deliver the required amount of lubricant with every stroke or work cycle of the pump. The metering range runs from 0.01 to 1.5 ccm per lube pulse and lube point. The modular nature of this type of system makes it relatively easy to plan and expand.


SKF DuoFlex Centralized Automatic Lubrication System for Oil, Semi-fluid Grease & Hard Grease NLGI #000 to 3

SKF (Vogel) DuoFlex Centralized Automatic Lubrication System for Oil, Semi-fluid Grease & Hard Grease NLGI grades 000 to 3
Dual-line lubrication systems are designed for medium sized or large machines with a large number of lube points, long lines and rough operating conditions. Coking plants, steel plants, continuous casting plants, hot and cold rolling mills, finishing lines, brown coal strip mining, coal-fired power plants, cement factories, and deck cranes are all typical applications for this system.

Dual-line lubrication systems work with two main lines that are alternately pressurized and relieved. They are designed for ISO VG oil with a service viscosity of more than 50 mm²/s and grease up to NLGI grade 3. This system offers great flexibility when it comes to adjusting the metered quantity of lubricant at each feed point. Systems with more than 1000 lube points are possible within a range of 100m around the pump.


SKF ProFlex Progressive Automatic Greasing Systems Designed for Oil, and Grease NLGI # 000 to 2

SKF (Vogel) ProFlex Progressive Automatic Lubrication Systems Designed for Oil, and Grease NLGI grades 000 to 2
ProFlex automatic lubrication systems are designed for use with grease or oil, on small and medium sized machines, up to 150 lubrication points. A feed pump supplies lubricant to a master distributor valve, which serves secondary distributors that divide the amount into smaller portions for progressive delivery to the lube points. In combination with parallel flow limiters, the system can serve up to 1000 lubrication points or even more using oil.

Typical applications include printing presses, industrial presses, wind turbines and construction equipment. The SKF ProFlex automatic lubrication system includes a wide range of progressive distributors to choose from, with 2 to 20 outlets, flow rates of 0.01 cc to 6000 cc/min. and system pressure as high as 300 bars. One key advantage of this progressive type system is that it offers relatively inexpensive central monitoring of the function of all feed points.


SKF MultiFlex Automatic Lubrication System for Oil, Semi-fluid Grease and Hard Grease NLGI #000 to 3

SKF (Vogel) MultiFlex Automatic Lubrication System for Oil, Semi-fluid Grease and Hard Grease NLGI grades 000 to 3
This Multi-line automatic system is designed for automatic re-lubrication as well as small circulating oil systems in applications such as the machine tool industry, oil and gas, and heavy industry.

Multi-outlet pumps supply lubricant directly to the lube points without the use of extra metering valves. Each point has its own pumping element, making the system simple, accurate and reliable. The SKF Multi-Flex systems include a wide range of multi-outlet pumps from 1 to 32 outlets and are able to withstand system pressures as high as 4000 bars.


SKF CircOil Lubrication System to Cool, Clean & Lubricate with Oil

SKF CircOil Lube System to Cool, Clean & Lubricate with Oil
SKF CircOil systems are designed primarily for circulating oil to not only lubricate but also to cool highly stressed bearings in nearly every size of machine used in the pulp & paper sector and heavy industry. They also efficiently remove dirt, water and air particles.
An oil supply system delivers the lubricant to adjustment valves with individual settings. The actual feed rates can be controlled visually or electronically. Monitoring systems with a flow rate read-out function and individual warning levels are available for a more predictive maintenance approach.

SKF CircOil systems include a wide range of tailor-made and turn-key solutions for flow rates from 0.1 to 300 l/min and are easy to service. In addition, they feature a modular design and can be easily combined.


SKF Oil+Air Automatic Lube System (oil mist system) for Continuous, Finely Metered Flow of Oil

SKF Oil+Air Lube System for Continuous, Finely Metered Flow of Oil
SKF Oil+Air Lube systems (oil mist system) are designed primarily for high speed bearings, chains and special applications in the steel industry.

A small metered amount of oil is injected into a mixing valve. A minimum air flow moves the oil slowly to the lube point and provides the bearing or chain with a small, continuous stream of oil and air. As a result, the bearing housing is under a slight overpressure, which keeps dirt away from the bearing. Additionally, this system creates no oil mist or fog, making it cleaner, safer and environmentally friendly.


SKF LubriLean Minimal Quantity Automatic Lubrication System

SKF LubriLean Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) System
With an SKF LubriLean Minimal Quantity Lubrication System, lubrication between the tool and work piece is performed by an aerosol – i.e. by oil droplets that are finely dispersed in an air stream. With internal minimal quantity lubrication, an aerosol is produced in the equipment’s reservoir and fed through the rotating spindle to the tool. When properly adjusted, the oil supplied is completely used up with no residue left behind.

With external MQL, lubricant and air are fed to the active area between the tool and work piece via tubing and nozzles. This relatively rigid system is suitable for machining operations in which the tools used are similar and the work piece contours do not change. It can also be used for series-produced parts.

Applications for SKF LubriLean include milling, rolling, shell end milling and form cutting, face milling, high speed cutting, hobbing, drilling, boring, tapping, buzz and band saws, forming and broaching. Some advantages include major reductions of up to 30% in overall production time, a more precise cutting process, better surface quality and significant increases in tool life.


SKF SYSTEM 24 Single-Point Automatic Lubricators

SKF SYSTEM 24 Single-Point Lubricators
The SKF SYSTEM 24 Gas Driven Single Point Automatic Lubricators are supplied ready-to-use straight from the box and filled with a wide range of high performance SKF lubricants. Tool-free activation and time-setting allow easy and accurate adjustment of lubrication flow. Typical applications include: Applications in restrictive and hazardous locations; Bearing housing lubrication; Electric motors; Fans and pumps; Conveyors; Cranes; Chains (oil); Elevators and escalators (oil).

• Flexible dispense rate from 1 to 12 months
• Stoppable or adjustable if required
• Intrinsic safety rating: ATEX approved for zone 0
• Transparent lube container allows visual inspection of dispense rate
• Compact size, permits installation in restrictive areas
• Greases and chain oils available
• SKF DialSet software (see Newsletter below) helps to calculate the correct dispense rate

To download our Newsletter about the SKF System 24, click here.



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Watch this video to learn more about FLO Components, Canada’s first LINCOLN and SKF dual brand System House, and our commitment to “Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” with qualified, well trained people who focus at making us the best at responding quickly, at installing professionally and at providing quality customized lubrication solutions for all our customers – done right the first time.



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