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Maximizing equipment performance while minimizing wear is the key to success in any manufacturing operation. Demanding applications require high performance lubricants. Our lines of synthetic lubricants are used on mobile equipment bearings, hydraulic systems, compressors & vacuum pumps, gas turbines, and automotive & transmission bearings.

FLO also carries a wide selection of food grade lubricants, and oils for compressors, oven chains, hydraulics and seamers, to meet all your food and beverage industries’ special HACCP compliant requirements.

Our selection of lubricants include products from Anderol, Petro-Canada, Shell, LUBCON and Super Lube®.


Super Lube® Railroad Lubricants


Super Lube® Railroad Grease is a NLGI #1 grade grease specially formulated for track side lubricators used to reduce the noise and wear associated with wheel flange to curved rail sections on light rail systems.

Rated H-1 by the USDA and NSF for incidental contact with food or potable water, Super Lube® RailRoad Grease offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the typical curve grease.

The addition of Syncolon® PTFE, enhances the lubricity of the synthetic base oil, and accounts for the exceptionally long tracking results achieved, which reduces the number of lubricators required, resulting in an overall cost savings.

For more information, see our Rail Lubricants Solutions page.



LUBCON Specialty Grease

Whether mineral or synthetic-based, conventional or special greases – LUBCON greases offer the right high-performance solution for your application! FLO Components provides LUBCON greases for high and low temperatures, high loads (EP), high speeds, biodegradable greases, water and oxidation-resistant greases, radiation-resistant greases or greases suitable for rough, fine, and high working vacuum pumps. Whether mineral-based greases for modern applications or synthetic-based greases, LUBCON high-performance lubricants offer excellent protection against friction, wear and corrosion and increase life of your components.

LUBCON offers a broad selection of oils with superior creeping and wetting properties, customized to meet operational requirements. Alongside classic mineral oils, LUBCON’s wide portfolio includes high-performance synthetic oils, geared to the demands of modern production processes. The LUBCON product range includes high and low temperature oils, water and media-resistant as well as extremely pressure-resistant oils with good penetration capabilities for nearly every application, from H1-certified oils for the food industry to biodegradable fluids for environmentally sensitive areas.




Anderol Lubricants


When you choose ANDEROL Synthetic Lubricants from FLO, you get reliability based on proven experience! Experience gained as pioneers in the development of synthetic lubricants! Innovation combined with a first-class product helps you meet your lubrication objectives on an on-going basis.
ANDEROL lubricants are formulated from self-manufactured, high purity organic esters and high quality synthetic hydrocarbon fluids. Manufactured under rigid, quality controlled conditions and in accordance with processes defined by their ISO-9001 quality system.

ANDEROL lubricants are created specifically for individual applications and resulting from long-term development partnerships with leading manufacturers of heavy-duty equipment. Routine and severe applications in numerous industries (including the military), have proven their performance capabilities, versatility and quality.



Petro Canada Lubricants

For more than 25 years, Petro-Canada Lubricants has delivered a complete line of greases, oils and fluids that go beyond today’s standards. The Petro-Canada line of lubricants from FLO Components delivers “Tangible Savings Solutions” in the industries it serves. Here’s what sets these lubricants apart:

  • Patented HT purity process produces 99.9% pure, crystal-clear base oils
  • More than 350 lubricants, oils and greases created for major industrial sectors
  • Blended API Groups II and III base oils and ultra-pure process oils deliver performance in finished products
  • Specialty fluids produced from ultra-pure base oils and specialty additives deliver protection and productivity
  • Find the right lubricant for your needs

Maximize equipment performance, savings and productivity by using Petro-Canada lubricants, specialty fluids, oils and greases:

  • Transportation Lubricants – engine and gear oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, plus small and marine engine oils
  • Industrial Lubricants – gear oils, hydraulic and compressor fluids and heat transfer fluids
  • Greases – mining greases, multi-applications and specialty greases
  • Petro-Canada’s Food Grade Lubricants – meet the highest food industry standards
  • Specialty Fluids / Non-Lubricants – heat transfer fluids
  • Base Oils / White Oils / Wax – full line of oils and waxes



Please consult with one of our technical representatives before converting from your current lubricant. Let FLO’s expertise reduce your annual operating expenses by:

  • Patented HT purity process produces 99.9% pure, crystal-clear base oils
  • Eliminating redundant lubricants
  • Selecting lubricants with longer life cycles



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