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ISO Certified - Automated Lubrication Systems

Every organization is defined by its corporate philosophy. We at FLO Components Ltd. are a team of professionals using our collective expertise in automatic lubrication systems, fluid-handling applications and vehicle fire suppression systems to provide equipment reliability solutions to improve operating efficiencies and profitability for our customers.

At FLO Components, we provide turnkey Solutions to take away our customers’ pain.



Our Focus is to be the preferred partner of vehicle fire suppression, lubrication and fluid-handling equipment, systems and services to industry leaders. We have over 45 years of experience working with these progressive companies. To better meet their on-going needs, we have changed from being simply an equipment supplier, into a turn-key equipment reliability solutions provider.



We help customers ensure machine reliability and productivity, improve their employees’ health and safety and lower their impact on the environment by being a “one-stop” provider (sales, service and installation) of lubrication, fluid handling and vehicle fire suppression solutions.



Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” defines how we work in partnership with our customers to provide the most cost-effective solution for their problem. Using our expertise, we work closely with your operating personnel to help them clearly define their requirements. Focusing on the best Solution requires us to have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations. Determining the best long-term Solution for our customer is a guiding principle on how we do business.

Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” requires us to have the ability to provide customers with integrated solutions. To accomplish this, we have access to a core group of key product lines, recognized throughout the world as market leaders in terms of product line breadth, quality, delivery and innovation. We supplement these products with quality niche products to have the ability to make our Solution fit your application – not the other way around.

Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” means we are much more than a supplier of systems and equipment. We continually expand our ability to provide services in areas such as in-house service, on-site service / supplemental manpower, personnel training sessions and consulting on “best practices”.


40th Anniversary Celebration

2017 was FLO Components’ 40th Anniversary. To celebrate, we held a contest and gave away three Lubrication Product Packages to lucky winners over 3 Draw Periods. Once again we congratulate all the winners. We also thank everyone who participated in the contest as well as the Media that helped get the word out about the contest and of course our sponsors – SKF Lubrication Business Unit. For details about the contest, the prizes and the winners, visit FLO’s 40th Anniversary Giveaway Contest Website.


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