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On-Road Auto Greasing Systems: FLO Components; automatic greasing systems for all trucks; city delivery, regional or long haul, liquid or bulk dry, shunt trucks, vacuum, waste or garbage, concrete, fire, buses, snow plows, street sweepers; centralized automatic greasing systems, autogreasers for trucks.




Bearing failure resulting from improper greasing is a major cause of equipment downtime and significant unnecessary maintenance costs in today’s environment. The majority of failures are caused by: contamination of bushings by dust, dirt and moisture; inadequate amounts of grease applied to bearings; or over-greasing of key pivot points.

Direct costs resulting from inadequate greasing can include: replacement bearings; labor to repair or replace bearings; lost time and its impact on customer service; or lost “on-road” time and replacement truck rental costs. Indirect, but very real costs of inadequate greasing include: wasted grease, environmental issues, safety or housekeeping issues, and higher labour costs related to inefficient manual greasing practices.





Points serviced by Automatic Greasing Systems on standard truck. Completely reliable and fully automatic, a FLO Autogreaser will increase your component life and overall productivity. The Auto Greasing system dispenses small measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while your equipment is operating, maintaining a consistent grease seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from migrating into bearings. It will help keep your rolling equipment out on the road making money and reduce your labor costs when compared to the traditional method of point-by-point manual greasing.



Equipment stays on the road = Faster ROI
Less unplanned downtime
= Increase profits
Increases life of critical wear points
= Protect your investment
Fewer replacement parts to stock
= Lowers operating cost
Uses any brand of fluid grease
= No inventory of higher-cost grease




MonoFlex Automatic Greasing System for heavy duty and special purpose trucks – liquid or bulk dry, shunt trucks, city delivery, regional or long haul, vacuum, waste or garbage, concrete, fire, buses, snow plows, street sweepers


FLO’s installed SKF MonoFlex Automatic Greaser is a single-line grease system, consisting of a gear pump and reservoir available in 2.7 Litre (6 lb.) and 6 Litre (13 lb.) sizes, external control unit and parallel type piston distributors. The timer-controlled pump supplies fluid grease to the distributor blocks via the main line when the pump is in operation. When the metering chambers of the distributors are full, the excess grease flows back into the reservoir via a safety valve. At the end of the pump run-time (start of the interval-time), the pressure relief valve opens and drops the main line residual pressure to 3 to 15 psi. The spring-loaded pistons in the distributors then discharge independently of each other, precisely measured amounts of grease from the metering chambers to the grease points. On a transport truck, our Automatic Greasing System typically services your king pins, tie rods, steering drag link, slacks, spring pins, transmission cross shaft, brake shafts and fifth wheel if applicable.


Features of the FLO SKF MonoFlex Automatic Greasing System:

  • Use Any Grease Brand – Operates with any fluid grease NLGI #000 to 00 that meets greasing system specifications down to -25 °C or -13 °F.
  • Totally Electric 12/24 VDC Pump – No air required and therefore no impact on the truck air system.
  • Pressure Gauge – Allows for visual monitoring of greasing system pressure during maintenance inspections and trouble-shooting.
  • Adjustable Grease Distributors – Individual distributors are easily adjusted to rates of 0.1 to 0.4 cm³ by changing the screw-in volume caps, without having to disconnect any of the grease lines.
  • Electronic Control Unit – Installed separately in the cab. It controls and monitors the pump‘s running and also signals any malfunctions via an indicator light. The control unit has a microprocessor that stores all the operating states even after the power has been switched off.


Automatic Greasing Systems for Municipal Trucks and Vehicles

Automatic Greasing Systems for Commercial, Municipal & Construction Trucks
Municipalities, fleet operations and transportation companies are constantly under pressure to save money, increase productivity and make every investment in commercial vehicles last longer. FLO’s Automatic Greasing System is ideal for all of your heavy duty truck applications – liquid or bulk dry, shunt trucks, city delivery, regional or long haul. Large fleets can expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of their equipment, by lowering costs and improving efficiencies.

FLO’s Automatic Greasing Systems are also routinely used on special purpose trucks, such as garbage, concrete, fire, buses, snow plows, street sweepers and vacuum. Grease points on these vehicles are often difficult to access and are subjected to dirty, wet environments. Adding further complexity, some have over 50 grease points. Your installed autogreasing system lubricates during frequent turns, stops and starts, and promotes up-time and reliable performance as you work to meet tight deadlines.


Automatic Greasing Systems for Trailers

Automatic Greasing Systems for Trailers
A quad axle trailer has between 30-40 grease points. Greasing on a weekly basis takes between 2 – 3 hours based on shuttling the trailer to and from the lube bay combined with finding, reaching, cleaning the fitting and then actually greasing the point. This equals $2000 per unit per year in direct labor costs, plus the lost revenue time. If a grease point fails due to lack of grease, associated downtime can easily exceed labour costs. On a typical Quad axle trailer, a FLO Automatic Greasing System will service axle pivots, axle locks, slack adjusters and brake shaft tube.



Download On Road Automatic Greasing Systems Brochure for trucks: vacuum, waste, concrete, fire, buses, snow plows, etc.

Keep your equipment out on the road making money. Contact us now to find out how small an investment is needed to start saving money and increase productivity.


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