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FLOlink Telematics Remote Monitoring and Notification for Auto Lube Systems: FLO Components; remote monitoring telematics for automatic greasing systems for loaders, pavers, excavators, graders, mining and other heavy equipment

FLOlink Telematics Monitoring & Notification for Auto Lube Systems


FLOlink Autogreaser Remote Monitoring Pump Package


Tracking equipment is essential to today’s equipment manager. No matter the size or age of your fleet, it’s important to maximize machine efficiency and minimize unexpected downtime. Introducing the new FLOlink Remote Monitoring Telematics Program for Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS).

FLOlink is designed to operate with many brands of automatic lubrication system. Fleet managers can now be remotely notified on their mobile devices or computers when the lubricant reservoir in their Autogreaser is low so that they know when to dispatch a lube truck (no special software is required). FLOlink will also immediately alarm managers when the Autogreaser is in fault and a service technician must be contacted. Users can then more effectively manage and reduce refill service visits (the lube truck visits only when the pump is low on grease) and reduce cost by receiving immediate, real-time alerts when lubricant is low or the system is in fault.

With FLOlink, managers have instant access to alert notification history information stored in a cloud database, for any number of systems and have the ability to instantly generate and export reports in a customizable spreadsheet for further analysis and planning.


Video: FLOlink Remote Telematics Monitoring for Automatic Lubrication Systems
Video: FLOlink Remote Telematics Monitoring for Automatic Lubrication Systems
Follow Equipment Manager, John as his tranquil world is suddenly shaken by a loader breakdown, and he discovers FLOlink, the world’s first fully independent Telematics Program for Remote Monitoring, Notification and Data Logging specifically for Automatic Lubrication Systems.



Direct wireless data access to Autolubers

Direct wireless data access to Autolubers

In developing the FLOlink Monitoring System, FLO recognized that there was a need in the industry for more data with respect to Automatic Lubrication System low lube levels and lube failures.

FLO wanted to give customers’ key personnel direct wireless data access to Autolubers on specific machines, and independent Autoluber specific data that isn’t buried in massive machine reports generated by the machine’s regular telematics.


Features of FLOlink Remote Monitoring System

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote lubrication monitoring system
  • Optional for any model of automatic lubrication systems with two dry contacts on Controller/Timer and low level & lube fault monitoring on Pump
  • IP69K rating provides protection against ingress of dust, high temperature and high-pressure water
  • PTCRB certification ensures performance on wireless networks
  • Allows for remote, real-time, up-to-the-minute status monitoring of any number of systems
  • Monitors reservoir for low level as well as complete system failure
  • Sends low level and system failure fault email alerts to any number of registered users
  • Provides instant access to alert notification history for any number of systems
  • Alert history reports can be generated and exported instantly
  • Monitors pressure switch or cycle switch
  • Power supply: 12 and 24 VDC


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