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Automatic Lubrication System Inspections and Auto Lube Systems Maintenance: FLO Components scheduled on-site automatic lubrication system inspections.



Lubrication Maintenance Plans


Our on-site automatic lubrication system inspections, conducted by trained technicians with fully equipped Mobile Workshops, will: increase your machine availability and productivity; reduce unscheduled downtime; lower on-going maintenance costs with fewer repairs and parts to purchase; reduce spare parts in inventory; and make your job easier.

Qualified service technicians will survey automated greasing systems on your critical production machines on a scheduled basis. Your customized report will recommend areas for improvement, detail the parts necessary to implement the changes and provide budget prices for parts and labour. You only pay for what you use, when you use it!




Timed to meet your production schedule requirements
Monitor conditions of FRL and all system accessories
Check grease reservoir level and confirm follower plate operation
Cycle grease pump and record pressure
Record greasing system cycle time
Visual inspection of all cycle indicator pins and switches
Confirm lubricant is being delivered to all points
Inspection of all lines looking for leaks, excessive grease, loose fittings, etc.
Perform minor repairs subject to parts availability
On follow-up inspection technician will bring small parts specifically suited for your automatic lubrication system
Automatic lubrication system layout sketch (if required).
Service manual updates


FLO Services Automatic Lubrication Systems of “any” brand or type in…
Industrial Plants 
Food & Beverage 
Construction & Mining 
Steel Processing & Manufacturing 
Automotive Assembly & Feeder 
Municipal & Transportation


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