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PreLubTM Engine Pre-Lubrication System


PreLub™ Engine Pre-Lubrication System

Engine PreLubTM System – Protection from the Start

All engines suffer from accelerated wear as a result of periodic dry starts – especially today’s high performance, fast starting diesels. The larger the engine, the more significant the cost. Dry starts can occur in very cold weather, very hot climates, after prolonged shut-downs, or following routine oil changes.

Use of the engine PreLubTM system will significantly reduce key engine component wear resulting in considerably longer engine life and lower operating costs.


PreLubTM Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate the Danger – Removes the danger of starting the engine with no oil
  • Protect Bearings – Guards bearings during cold weather or hot climate starts
  • Automatically Wired – Simply turn the machine’s existing start switch to the “start” position and the PreLubTM starter will automatically pressurize the engine with oil pressure


PreLubTM – How it works

1. Operator turns key switch to start the engine.
2. PreLubTM pump starts.
3. Pump pushes oil up to filters and pressure builds.
4. Oil pressure sensor shuts PreLubTM pump off.
5. Engine starter engages and prelubricated start results.

The system delivers up to 40 gallons of oil per minute, ensuring full engine oil pressure from turbo to crankshaft BEFORE the engine is allowed to crank. It is an effective diagnostic tool to help detect fuel and/or glycol dilution. It can also be used to widen the effective temperature operating bands for 15w40 oils whose low end temperature spec normally is +5F. Where temperatures fall below the +5F threshold, the PreLubTM system will ensure oil pressure and flow before engine cranking can begin.

The fail-safe feature of the PreLubTM system (no oil, no start), keeps an engine lacking oil from starting, preventing catastrophic damage. Even remote-mount oil filters pose no problem as the PreLubTM system automatically, safely and quickly fills filters and all oil passages prior to cranking – every time the engine starts.

In all of these situations, the engine PreLubTM system will significantly reduce engine wear and help to lower your operating costs per hour. Independent testing of unprotected engines shows significant rod bearing wear after just five seconds of oil pressure delay and rapid ring face and side wear after 20 seconds. The PreLubTM system reduces rod bearing and ring wear by up to 60% over conventional starting.

PreLub™ reduces rod bearing and ring wear by up to 60%


Download the PreLubTM Brochure



Periodic PrelubTM – PreLubTM when you need it!

The PreLubTM system has important implications for single shift operations, for marine and prime power and industrial applications where engines are operated for less than 2000 hours per year:

  • Protects stand-by genset investment against prolonged shut-downs and dry starts
  • Programmable prelube cycle operates 24/7, 365 days/year
  • Standard program: Pump runs 40 sec. ON, 12 hrs. OFF (repeats every 12 hrs.)
  • During emergency start, PreLubTM pump runs 15 sec. in parallel to the starter to assist in delivering oil to the engine


Download the Periodic PreLubTM Brochure


*PreLubTM is a registered trade mark of RPM Industries LLC.


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