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Industrial Fluid Handling & Pumping Systems for Material Transfer, with Flow Dispensing or Measured Precision Dispensing: bulk liquid material transfer, dosing and mixing of viscous material including adhesives, chemicals, oil, grease, inks & solvents.




FLO provides Solutions for processing bulk material transfer and mixing of viscous material for many applications including handling of adhesives, chemicals, lubricants, printing inks and solvents. We also provide Solutions for applications in integrated precision metering, mixing and dosing of materials in such diverse production settings as automobile and component engineering, building construction, machine and instrument fabrication, electrical and electronics industries, mold-making, manufacture of sporting goods, and production of household articles.

Reduce your material waste through better transfer methods
= More profit
Less spillage = Fewer environmental issues
Automate dispensing process = Reduced costs
Cleaner work areas with less housekeeping = Reduced health claims




A typical Solution normally consists of pump, filter, metering valve, fluid regulator and connecting fluid lines. Pumps range from air-operated double diaphragm to reciprocating piston types and can dispense from a variety of custom sized reservoirs or original material, supplier containers. A variety of hand-held metered or stationary non-metered dispensing valves are available. Filters, regulators and many other accessories are designed into your user friendly Solution. All equipment is supplied with hard and soft parts compatible with the fluid being dispensed.


The Right Equipment for Your Fluid Handling, Dosing and Dispensing Requirements
The work-horses behind our fluid handling systems are the Lincoln PowerMaster® and PileDriver® Pumps. These technologically advanced pumps required for today’s demanding applications draw on more than 60 years of Lincoln experience with industrial pumping systems. The current PowerMaster® design includes completely pneumatic, modular air motors and six-inch stroke pumps for greater material output. Accessories include an AirBrake™ option for prevention of pump runaway due to an empty container, a broken supply line or other loss of pump prime. A variety of packing materials ensures correct packing based on material compatibility.

For high-volume applications of viscous materials from standard drums or bulk tanks, the PileDriver® Pumps incorporate the same completely pneumatic, modular air motors. Along with the AirBrake option and a wide variety of packing materials, PileDriver III pumps feature a patented leakless gland design that protects the pump from gland seal failure and subsequent downtime for replacement.

FLO carries a wide range of system accessories, from pressure primers and other mounting accessories to material control valves, ejectors, measuring valves, air controls and system hardware to meet your particular system’s needs. Let us help you design the industrial pumping system that is right for you.



Industrial Pumping System for Fluid Material Transfer

industrial pumping system for Material Transfer

Material is transferred from its original container to another point. Typically, the simple transfer of low-viscosity fluids through relatively short supply lines requires low pressure, high-volume pumps. If higher viscosity fluids are involved, or longer supply lines are required, a pump capable of higher pressures becomes necessary. Transfer systems will transfer:

Printing inks to press fountains.
Adhesives to reservoirs on packaging machinery.
Lubricants to smaller containers in remote locations.
Materials to high-pressure pumps for spray or flow applications.




Integrated Industrial Pumping System with Measured Precision Dispensing or Dosing

integrated industrial pumping system with measured precision dispensing or dosing

Material is pumped from original containers through the supply lines to measuring valves or ejectors, which in turn meter precise amounts of material to a work piece. Typical measure systems include:

Multiple shots in patterns of adhesives used to bond substrates, such as automobile hoods and doors.
Measured lubricant applied to electric motors in appliance manufacturing.
Single-shot applications of adhesives or sealants used in manufacturing.
Cartridge filling lines.

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Industrial Fluid Pumping System with Flow Dispensing

industrial pumping system with flow dispensing

Material is pumped from the original container through the supply line to a flow gun which applies the material to a work piece. Typical flow systems include:

Adhesives applied to substrates for bonding in construction and other industries.
Adhesives used in the manufacture of modular or mobile homes.
Sealants applied during manufacturing to various parts of vehicles, including sun shields, tail lights, weld lines and hem flanges.
Recommended for use where normal pump operation does not exceed 45 cycles per minute.


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