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Vehicle Service Facilities: garage bulk oil transfer, dispensing and inventory control systems; Grease Pumps, Hose Reels, Control Valves, Dispensing Meters, Used Fluid Receivers, Portable Oil Drains, Workbench Tanks, Lube Skids, DEF Dispensing Systems.




With the ever increasing cost of lubricants and other engine fluids and increased focus on environmental handling, having the proper system for your operation is more critical than ever before. FLO’s solutions include all the necessary components to safely store, dispense and track your engine oil, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid and other bulk fluids. Our products are found everywhere bulk lubricants and shop fluids are dispensed. Oil change centres and service and maintenance shops for mining, industrial, railroad, construction, agriculture and over-the-road trucking applications all benefit from FLO’s line of Lincoln and Alemite garage lubrication equipment.





Do you have a large maintenance or oil change facility where you need to dispense fluids at multiple locations? This following schematic is a simple overview of the potential complexity of the solution FLO can provide to meet your exact requirements. Call us in at the design stage and let us be your in-house expert. Our vast range of equipment, technical expertise and in-house installers combine to provide you with a “one call” solution. Contact us for a specific bill of material designed for your maintenance garage facility.


Vehicle Service Facility with Lincoln Garage Bulk Oil Transfer, Dispensing and Inventory Control Sytems, Oil & Grease Drum Pumps, Hose Reels, Control Valves & Dispensing Meters, Used Fluid Receivers and Portable Oil Drains.


For FLO’s Ethernet based Bulk Fluid Management Solution, click here.

For FLO’s Wireless Bulk Fluid Management Solution, click here.




Shop Workbench Tanks (Fuel & Lubricating Oil Tanks)
Designed for locations where the lubricant is required at a couple of adjacent locations, FLO can provide complete multipurpose oil bench tank units customized to your specific shop requirements. Ideal for motor oil and hydraulic oils in busy garages and shops, customers can specify one or more baffles for multiple lubricants and process liquids. Other options include pumping directly from the bench tank, mounting a vice on the optional integrated bracket plus a variety of tank sizes and a wide selection of Pumps, Hose Reels and Dispense Valves to choose from.

These tanks meet or exceeds ULC S142.18 regulations. An innovative protection plate is integrated into the top cover separating the tanks work area from the flanges.




Lube Skids for onsite lubrication service
Lube skids are an alternative to using dedicated lube trucks or lube trailers for onsite service. Lube skids are self-contained units, that include both oil storage containers for fresh oil and collection tanks for used fluids. They can be easily loaded, transported on a flatbed or in the bed of a pickup and unloaded as required, or they can be integrated into a box truck or crane body truck. Lube skids allow mechanics and operators to complete fluid top-ups, emergency maintenance or primary lubrication (if only small volumes required), in the field.

Lube skids reduce costs associated with equipment downtime, improve productivity by keeping equipment and employees working, and reduce transportation cost by eliminating the need to pull equipment out of the field to service it.



Alemite Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Systems and Bulk Fluid Storage Tanks

Alemite Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing System
FLO Components offers an Alemite Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing System for shops servicing heavy-duty diesel vehicles. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, Alemite’s DEF pump systems and reels provide superior performance and long service life at an affordable price. Alemite has also added a fuel transfer pump to quickly transfer diesel, kerosene or mineral spirits.

Alemite Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment
• DEF Pump Systems
• DEF Diaphragm Pumps
• DEF Hose Reel
• DEF Accessories
• Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Stackable Bulk Fluid Storage Tanks
Stackable Bulk Fluid Storage Tanks
Bulk liquid storage and handling solutions for any application that requires reliable, clean, safe and efficient fluid control. Each fluid storage system can be configured with multiple tanks to handle multiple fluids, and can be equipped with add-on features such as tank-mounted dispense packages, specialty pumps, dispense guns, portable tank platforms, steel cages, secondary containment vessels, oil filtration units and more. These tanks are constructed from virgin polyethylene UL rated food grade resins and are designed for use with polyethylene tolerant fluids.




Lincoln PowerMaster High-Volume Drum Pumps

Oil & Grease Pumps – Designed for Exceptional Performance, Long Service Life and Low Maintenance Cost
Lincoln PowerMaster, High-Volume, Heavy-Duty Family of Pumps are state of the art pumps with completely pneumatic, modular air motors and 6″ stroke pumps for greater material output. Both air and hydraulically operated models are available to fit any drum, pail or tank. Multiple ratios offer the greatest range of precise combination of volume and pressure to meet your application requirement. The full 6″ stroke delivers excellent volume with fewer pump cycles. Air motors are available in 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″ or 10″ (76mm, 101mm, 152mm, 203mm or 254mm) diameters.

The PMV family of oil and grease pumps represents 100 years of high-quality engineering technology and manufacturing. The unique, modular design of these pumps includes precision-machined parts made with durable aircraft aluminum less susceptible to temperature than plastic spools, allowing for a longer pump life. The air control module is fastened by four bolts for quick in-field repair. It runs without external lubrication reducing cost of ownership and maintenance. Designed to work with wet, contaminated, dirty air supply, these pumps come with a special 5-year limited warranty.

Lincoln Modular Design PMV Oil and Grease PumpsLincoln PMV Oil and Grease Pumps

Lincoln Hose Reels
Hose Reels – One For Every Application
The Lincoln Fluid Reel Series (LFR) is engineered for exceptional, consistent, repetitive performance and is ideal for use in lower volume / lighter traffic applications and on bench tanks. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, these reels are available in Low-, medium- and high-pressure models. Each features dual needle bearings to reduce the stress on the spring, providing smooth, balanced operation during both hose extension and retraction. Double ratchet teeth provide a solid latch to lock hose in multiple usable positions.

The Heavy-Duty Series reels are the finest Lincoln lube reels ever designed. Years of engineering, testing and experience preceded their introduction. Years of exceptional performance in the most demanding environments have proven their value. Reel assemblies are available in standard 30′, 40′, 50′ and 60′ hose lengths and feature a ball bearing inlet swivel design, quarter-inch thick steel welded base and roller outlet arm. Extra-Heavy-Duty Reels for applications that require longer hose length are also available to work with hose lengths up to 75′.


Lincoln Electronic Dispense Meter

Lincoln Oil Control Valve

Garage Fluid Control Valves & Dispensing Meters
Fleet maintenance and vehicle oil change and service facilities require tools that withstand rugged and frequent use without sacrificing accuracy and accountability. Grease, air, oil, water, ATF, hydraulic fluids or antifreeze – Lincoln control valves and dispensing meters handle it all to keep things flowing smoothly. Lincoln meters feature a unique design to allow exceptionally high flow rates. Coupled with high 1,500 psi operating pressure, these meters reduce dispense time while improving productivity and user safety. The Fluid Meter Series enhances safety with working pressures 50 percent higher than other meters. Offered in electronic and mechanical models, the meters are available with rigid or flexible hose extensions and feature an ergonomic design for operator comfort. All units have a ball-bearing swivel and a removable filter screen to capture contaminants and are covered by a 5-year warranty.


Lincoln 26-Gallon Tank Portable Oil Drain
Lincoln 20-Gallon Tank Portable Oil Drain



Used Fluid (Waste Oil) Receivers
Utilizing a relatively new concept in used fluid handling, the “drain and pressurize” method of the Lincoln waste oil receiver employs the benefits of the “drain and evacuate” system without an evacuation pump – the fluid drain is pressurized to evacuate the used fluid.


FLO has been the leading distributor for Lincoln in Ontario since 1977 and has received the Lincoln “Distinguished Distributor Award” which is awarded annually for outstanding sales performance to one or two distributors in North America, in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2010. We are committed to “Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” with qualified, well trained people who focus at making us the best at responding quickly, at installing professionally and at providing quality customized lubrication solutions for all our customers – done right the first time. Our clients understand that they’re not dealing with “just another lube equipment supplier”. They consistently choose FLO because they know they can trust and rely on FLO to take care of them, quickly and professionally. It is with this level of expertise and commitment that FLO will design, install and maintain a complete vehicle service facility for you.


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