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GRACO Pulse® Pro Wireless Shop Bulk Fluid Inventory Control and Management System



GRACO Pulse® Pro Wireless Bulk Fluid Inventory Control and Management System

GRACO Pulse® Pro – Track Shop Fluids, Wirelessly, Automatically, Accurately

Technicians dispense immense amounts of bulk fluids – oils, coolants, gear lube, windshield wash and more. Pulse® Pro Fluid Management systems offer advanced wireless technologies to accurately track bulk fluid activities and monitor inventory from storage tanks to dispense meters – from the service bay to the back office – so key stakeholders can share real time information and make more informed decisions to simplify operations, capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits.

Use Pulse® Pro Fluid Management to take full control of your bulk fluids in the field, fleet or service center – anywhere you need to monitor and measure fluid dispenses. Because it’s completely wireless, comprising only two components, it can be installed quickly to simplify bulk fluid management and maximize profitability in almost any environment.




GRACO Pulse® Pro Wireless Bulk Fluid Inventory Control and Management System.


  • Transparency – Automatically monitor exactly how much fluid is dispensed, where, and by whom to minimize shrinkage, rounding and invoice discrepancies.
  • Accurate Billing – Pair every dispense directly with a work order to simplify billing and maximize profit margins.
  • Inventory Management – Monitor fluid inventory and schedule refills to minimize delays and excessive costs.
  • Accountability & Insight – Track issues to the source via advanced technology, including automated alerts and customizable reports, to make more informed decisions.
  • Wireless – Fast, easy configuration reduces installation costs and eliminates the need for PC connection.
  • Scalability – Add new Pulse components quickly and seamlessly into almost any environment as your demands grow. Retrofit applications or multiple buildings within the same facility and avoid excessive installation costs and delays.
  • Integration – Capture and integrate data seamlessly with your DMS. Share information quickly throughout your organization to improve scheduling, inventory, procurement, pricing and more.
  • Efficiency – Avoid surprises, interruptions and delays. Fluids are tracked and recorded instantly and automatically, so technicians can spend more time in the service bay – serving more customers.
  • Portability – Pair with mobile dispense units and drums easily to reduce extra steps and hassles for technicians.

GRACO Pulse® Pro Components

GRACO Pulse Dispense Meter
Pulse Dispense Meter
Technicians can enter pin codes and other data quickly on the meter’s large, intuitive display, or they can flash an NFC tag to the screen to get started. All data is tracked directly to the meter, technician and work order.

GRACO Pulse Tank Level Monitor
Pulse Tank Level Monitor
Record tank levels automatically with an ultrasonic sensor. Customized daily reports detailing volumes, level alerts and more can be sent instantly to key stakeholders.

GRACO Pulse Pump Air Controller
Pulse Pump Air Controller
Shut off air to the pump automatically when not in use to prevent costly spills from broken lines.

GRACO Roll Around Drum Cart
Roll Around
Dispense fluids anywhere in your shop without compromising security or productivity. Technicians can use the sturdy drum cart to transport 55-gallon containers to the dispense site easily without assistance or delays.

GRACO Pulse Hub
Pulse Hub
Simply connect the Pulse Hub to a power source and access your local network to get started – without software or a PC. Access monitoring and reporting tools instantly from any network-connected, web-enabled device, including a PC, tablet or smartphone.

GRACO Pulse Extenders
Pulse Extenders
Choose from multiple devices to extend the reach of Pulse Pro® throughout your facility.

GRACO Pulse Software
Pulse Software
Get a quick, consolidated view of all dispenses for the entire shop via specially-designed, web-enabled and easy-to-use software. Track tank levels in a glance. Generate customizable reports and automated email alerts to share critical information instantly.

GRACO DMS Integration
DMS Integration
Integrate fluid management with popular DMSs to help validate work orders. With every dispense, data is recorded and delivered to the DMS, where other users can access the information to improve decision-making throughout the shop.


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*GRACO Pulse® is a registered trade mark of GRACO Inc.


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