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Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems – FLO Components; Rail Automatic Lube Systems for Gauge Face, Restraining Rail and Top-of-Rail



Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems – Gauge Face, Restraining Rail & Top-of-Rail
Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems – Gauge Face, Restraining Rail & Top-of-Rail
Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems – Gauge Face, Restraining Rail & Top-of-Rail
Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems – Gauge Face, Restraining Rail & Top-of-Rail
Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems – Gauge Face, Restraining Rail & Top-of-Rail


A drastic increase in wear is prevalent on rails, wheels and switches on highly strained areas of track networks. Typical wear patterns in curves include slip-deformation on the inner rail (low rail) and lateral wear on the outer rail (high-rail). Also, noise emission is greatest through curves.

Stationary or Wayside, lubrication systems from FLO Components for rail flanks and rail heads lower noise emission and considerably reduce wear on rails, switches and wheels, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of the rail network. FLO’s high-pressure systems enable the usage of NLGI 2 class grease, which offers exceptional adhesion to the rail and wheel as well as better lubrication properties.




Questions to ask when sourcing a Rail Lube System

All rail lube systems are not the same. Different technologies offer different results. Watch this Railside Lube System video to learn more about the types of questions you should be asking if you’re sourcing a rail lube system.





Rail Gauge Face Automatic Lubrication FLO’s Lincoln wayside lubrication systems apply lubricant with a wiper bar that is flanged to the rail profile. The lube is accurately applied to the contact surface such as the gauge face or top-of-rail. Sensors detect and count the axles of the approaching train and initiate a lube event. The duration of the event which determines the lube supply, is adjustable and can be set to the applicable conditions.

A high-pressure pump supplies the wiper bars with an exact metered amount of lubricant. The lube is picked up by the train’s wheel circumference and evenly distributed on the rail contact area. Depending on the lubricant and application (gauge face or top-of-rail lubrication), the distributed lube is evident for kilometers beyond the lubrication station.



  • High-pressure, low-volume pump ensures there is no clogging of lubrication ports.
  • System effectively covers the rail with just enough lubrication = no waste.
  • Exact metering of grease ensures each lube port receives the same small amountof grease every time without having to continuously “dial in” the system.
  • Positive displacement design of divider block ensures a constant, metered volume of grease is delivered to each lube port regardless of back pressure or cold weather conditions.

Lincoln Progressive-type Divider Valve Schematic

Lincoln Progressive-type Divider Valve for Rail Applications

Features of the Lincoln Pump to Port (PTP) Divider Block:

• Progressive-type, positive displacement design
• Fluid pressure from the pump pushes each piston to displace fluid to one port
• Cavity displacement is the same at varying temperature and pressure resistance
• Each port receives equal amounts of grease





Gauge face lubrication reduces wheel flange friction.

Gauge face lubrication reduces wheel flange friction
In curved sections, the high rail (outside) wheel runs on the gauge face. This contact results in semi-continuous friction that significantly causes wear to the wheel flange and gauge face. The strong contact friction between wheel and rail surfaces causes noise emission in the track curve. FLO’s gauge face lubrication system protects from friction and greatly reduces noise emission.

• Places grease high on the gauge face so it can be carried by passing wheel flanges and avoiding grease migration to the top of the rail.
• One gauge face system can supply several curves in succession.
• Brush holds excess grease to be picked up by the next train which minimizes grease waste.


Top-of-rail Automatic Lubrication Systems protect against the slip-stick effect.

Top-of-rail (TOR) protection against the slip-stick effect
The path of the inner curve wheel is shorter and the wheel runs toward the rail middle causing tension. When the tension is greater than the frictional forces, the inside wheel jerks and slips. This slip-stick effect causes the inner wheel to shudder, resulting in screeching and wear on the running surface. This effect is especially prominent on very tight track curves. Applying a minimum amount of friction modifier on the top-of-rail reduces both screeching and slip deformation.


Automatic Lubrication Systems reduce noise emission from restraining rail friction.

Reduces noise emission from restraining rail friction
Restraining rails exist to support trains from derailing in curved-track situations. When the train begins the turn, the outside flange on the high rail side makes contact with the restraining rail. The friction from the contact creates high noise emission. FLO’s restraining rail lubrication system protects the rail from friction and greatly reduces noise emission.




Rail Autolube System Pump - FlowMaster

Rail Autolube System Pump - P653S

• FlowMaster pump – Highpressure, 24 VDC two-stage pump proven in harsh industrial applications.
• Standard pump for gauge face, TOR and restraining rail.

• P653S pump – Designed for compact rail lubrication systems intended for minimal consumption.
• Also used in rail head conditioning systems, especially in municipalities with public rail transport.


Rail Autolube System Reservoir - 800lb

Rail Autolube System Reservoir - 200lb

• 800 lb. (363 kg) reservoir
• Lid opening provides easy access with bulk- or manual pail-fill methods.
• Environmentally safe, double-wall polyethylene material design capable of containing an entire reservoir leak.

• 200 lb. (91 kg) reservoir
• Smaller metal reservoir typically used in city applications.
• Also available in carbon or stainless steel.


Rail Autolube System Controller


• Digital controller precisely controls the amount of material applied to the rail.
• The exact volume of material dispensed can be measured and recorded.
• The RS232 port can be used to transmit and receive system information to and from any hand-held device.


Rail Autolube System Solar Panel


Solar Panel
• 170 W solar panel is designed to provide 20 plus years of life in extreme temperatures and low light conditions.
• The solar controller ensures a proper battery charge and disables the system if the batteries reach an unsafe level.


Download the Rail Automatic Lubrication Systems Brochure


Super Lube® Railroad Lubricants

LUBCON Specialty Grease

Specialty Rail Lubricants
FLO also supplies Super Lube® and LUBCON specialty lubricants specifically designed for rail lubrication and noise suppression applications. For more information, see our Rail Lubricants Solutions page.






For regions with very strict environmental standards or for track areas serviced by other systems that provide less precise lubrication, FLO offers HalenHardy Railroad Track Mats, made of highly absorbent Spilltration® material, to prevent grease & fuel from leeching into the soil and ballast. Contain and absorb leaks and spills and dramatically cut your remediation costs with Spilltration® Mats:

• UV-Resistant fibres won’t break down in sunlight.
• Is 3 times thicker than traditional PP mats, for greater durability.
• Barring a large spill, will last upwards of 2 years.
• Extra-thick ½-inch mat absorbs twice as much oil and fuels per square foot than traditional PP mats.
• Has a rugged polyethylene backing, which prevents the oil and fuel from “bleeding through” onto the ballast.
• Allows clean rain water to filter through while holding onto and promoting even distribution of oils and fuels.
• Reduced remediation once the mat is finally replaced means significantly reduced replacement costs.
• Longer replacement intervals also mean fewer operational shutdowns.
• Fibers made from 100% post-consumer waste, making it the most sustainable track mat on the market.

HH-SPL-122-I-1P Track Mat – one 100’ long inside sheet for dual track systems
HH-SPL-112-O-2P Track Mat – two 100’ long outside sheets for dual track systems
HH-SPL-COMBO Track Mat – one 100’ long inside sheet & two 100’ long outside sheets for dual track systems



Contact us now to find out how small an investment is needed to lower noise emission, reduce maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of your rail network.


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