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Grease & Automatic Lubrication Systems Inspections: FLO Components offers lubricant audits and central auto greasing systems inspections



Lubrication Audits


For most companies, their lubrication programs have been built by the addition of new equipment and processes over many years. This leads to:

  • Many lubricants with each one specified for a specific application.
  • Many different lubrication systems with dedicated repair parts inventory for each brand.
  • Lubrication schedules may be known by your key lube technicians but there is no one single location where all the critical information is documented.

The end result – a multitude of lubricants, systems, equipment and processes.


Consolidate purchases from multiple vendors = Reduced transactions costs
Reduce the types/brands of greasing equipment in stock = Lower your MRO inventory investment
Fewer items in stock = Less shelf space & less housekeeping
Longer time between lubricating reduces opportunities for accidents = Improved safety
Better quality lubricant to prolong intervals between re-lubrication = Lower labour costs
One supplier of lubes, equipment & systems = Consistency over complete process



Let us do an “ON-SITE” audit which could include:

  • Review of all your lubricants, including where, when and on what pieces of equipment they are used.
  • Review of key production machinery and existing systems. If there is no system installed, a review of all the lube points and lube requirements.
  • If there is an existing automated greasing system, a complete review of all the documentation – layout drawings, service manuals for major components.
  • Working with your key lubricators, we will review your processes, procedures and supporting documentation.

With this information, you then have the ability to make informed decisions on potential changes in processes, products and applications.



Depending upon the scope of the audit:

Identify duplication of lubricants
Learn about your hidden lubrication costs
Learn of potential safety and environmental issues
Cost out the R.O.I. of automating some of your critical production equipment
Up-dated manuals as required for your current automatic lubrication system
A customized plan to reduce cost, improve productivity and safety, listing the opportunities in priority sequence

Typical SOLUTION #1
The audit uncovers a lack of maintenance of the customer’s currently installed automatic greasing system. The customer’s maintenance team does not have the time nor expertise to consistently address the issues. Upon the customer’s request, FLO’s trained service technicians, on a scheduled basis repair and up-grade the automatic greasing system while training the customer’s lube technicians on the system basics. Result – Minor items are caught and fixed before they become major problems. The client’s maintenance team’s time is focused on more cost-effective proactive activities.

Typical SOLUTION #2

The audit discovers the customer is stocking multiple brands of the same type of lubricant. After reviewing all the applications, it is determined the customer can standardize on three types of grease. To ensure the right lubricant is used in the right application, grease gun barrels are replaced by clear ones. This allows the lube tech to see the colour of the lubricant which then matches the colour coding at the actual lube point.
Results – On-going inventory costs are reduced due to product standardization. The right lube gets to the right point by colour coding the grease to the point.

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