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2/13/2024 – Featured Products: Graco QUANTM™ Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps, Alemite Double-post Twin Hydraulic Power Reels, Graco Pulse Pro® Fluid Management and Control System & Free Passes to NHES 2024
In this issue, learn more about: QUANTM™, the world’s first (and only) affordable electric-operated double diaphragm (EODD) pump built to minimize energy consumption by cutting energy usage and costs by up to 80%; Alemite Lubrication has added to its existing range of products for the Vehicle Service & Equipment (VSE) a “Double-post Twin” hose reel for hydraulic power applications; Pulse® Pro Fluid Management systems that offer advanced wireless technologies to accurately track bulk fluid activities and monitor inventory from storage tanks to dispense meters; and getting free passes to the National Heavy Equipment Show 2024.

11/22/2022 – New Products: perma STAR VARIO BLUETOOTH, New Graco G-Mini® Models and FLO Lube Dispensing & Disposal System
In this issue, learn more about: The New perma STAR VARIO BLUETOOTH – this next generation of perma is a milestone in lubrication technology with integrated Bluetooth functionality that allows for remote configuration, maintenance and control; the compact G-Mini® – robust, reliable and packed with power, this lubrication pump is built with rugged materials to handle small-scale automatic lubrication; a Case Study on a FLO designed Lube Dispensing & Disposal System for a mechanic’s garage at a public utility. Also in this issue, a great How-To video from Alemite Lubrication, that explains the repair and replacement procedure for Alemite pump assemblies using the RAM airmotor.

2/16/2022 – New Products: Lincoln Dual-Piston 1154 Grease Gun, SKF Hydraulic Lubricator HG1000/2000 & Free Passes to NHES 2022
In this issue, learn more about: New Lincoln Dual-Piston Lever-Action Grease Gun Model 1154 to easily switch between high-pressure and high-volume grease delivery; New SKF Automatic Hydraulic Lubricator HG1000/2000, a cost-efficient automatic lubrication system for machines and implements with a hydraulic circuit; and getting free passes to the National Heavy Equipment Show 2022. Also in this issue, a great How-To video on the basics of setting up and priming a Lincoln grease pump and some trouble-shooting considerations if your pump won’t prime.

11/23/2021 – Graco Husky™ Electric Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, Traditional Air-Operated Lincoln Diaphragm Pumps, FLO Portable Lube Building
In this issue, learn more about: the Graco line of electric operated double diaphragm pumps – developed to offer an electric alternative to, and designed to operate exactly the same as an air-operated pump; Traditional air-operated diaphragm pumps by Lincoln – rugged and dependable, diaphragm pumps are great tools designed for transferring everything from water, to new/used oil to thick slurry; a Case Study on a FLO designed Portable Lube Building – a complete lube room inside a shipping container that could be situated outside the existing facilities so as to not use any of the limited space inside the exisating facilities. Also in this issue, a great How-To video on how to service a grease gun that won’t dispense.

6/29/2021 – FLOlink Remote Monitoring for Auto Lube Systems, SKF CLK Airless Oil Projection System for Roller Chain Lubrication, FLO Mobile Grease Station
In this issue, learn more about: the new FLOlink Remote Monitoring & Notification Telematics Program – designed to operate with many brands of automatic lubrication system, fleet managers can now be remotely notified on their mobile devices or computers when the lubricant reservoir in their Autogreaser is low or when the Autogreaser is in fault; SKF CLK airless oil projection system – a simple, reliable and easy-to-install solution for lubricating the roller chains of industrial conveyors; a Case Study on a FLO designed grease station that could be moved around using a forklift, but was stable and protected from falling over. Also in this issue, a great How-To video on how to adjust the dispense output of the different common injector styles offered for Lincoln Single-line Parallel Systems

1/27/2021 – Macnaught Battery Operated Pump Stem Kits for High Viscosity Oils, Super-Lube® Railway Switch Plate Oil, Connect With FLO Components on LinkedIn
In this issue, learn more about: the new BOP HV Pump Stem Kit developed to dispense high viscosity and heavy oils up to SAE140, available to suit most common 20 litre (5GAL) and 60 litre (16GAL) drum sizes; and Super-Lube® Railway Switch Plate Oil, a Synthetic non-metallic oil with ideal visco-elastic properties which enable it to achieve remarkable carry and lubricating efficiencies and also helps reduce risk of low speed derailments. Also in this issue, a great How-To video from Alemite on the features of the Alemite Hydraulic Lubrication System and how to use it properly.

10/19/2020 – Alemite Clear Grease Gun Tubes, Alemite Reel Mounting System, Onsite Service on “any” brand or type of Automatic Lubrication System
In this issue, learn more about: Alemite’s clear grease gun tube that lets you see exactly what type of grease is in the cartridge; Alemite’s channel and bracket Reel Mounting System, designed for safe, convenient and easy installation of their popular Heavy-Duty Hose Reels; and “Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” with FLO’s newest Mobile Workshop, servicing factory or after-market lube systems from SKF, Vogel, Lincoln, Graco, as well as most other major automatic lube system manufacturers’ brands. Also in this issue, a great little How-To video from Lincoln on Calibration procedures for digital oil meters.

6/30/2020 – Garage Bulk Fluid Handling & Greasing Solutions from Alemite, Macnaught and Lincoln Lubrication
FLO Components Solutions now include the complete range of Alemite Lubrication manual and portable maintenance lubrication equipment. Also in this issue, learn more about: Macnaught Battery Operated ATF Pump Stem Kits for dispensing Automatic Transmission Fluids from most common 20L (5GAL) and 60L (16GAL) drum sizes; Lincoln Lube Trolley for heavy-duty shop environments where space is limited, and safety is always a concern; and Lincoln Low-profile Drains – a professional alternative to lifting heavy vehicles during fluid changes.

3/3/2020 – New Products from Macnaught, Synco, and Lincoln Lubrication and Complimentary passes for the TRUCK WORLD 2020 Show
In this issue, learn more about: FLO Components is an Authorized Distributor of Super Lube® Synthetic Grease and Oil Lubricants, from Synco Chemical Corporation – a full line of products that increase productivity, decrease downtime and extend the life of your machinery while providing cost-effective and trouble free maintenance; the new Macnaught BOP60, 18V rechargeable battery powered oil pump for 16-Gallon containers; the new Lincoln 1886 PowerLuber, professional 2-speed 20V Lithium-ion Grease Gun – a rugged grease gun for harsh environments.

12/3/2019 – New Products from Macnaught, Lincoln and SKF Lubrication
In this issue, learn more about: The Macnaught KY+ Quick-Release Safety Grease Coupler, designed to deal with the problem of high-pressure grease spatter; the new Lincoln High-Pressure 48-inch Grease Gun Hose, providing easy access to hard-to-reach lubrication fittings; and the new SKF Series 310 Non-metallic Metering Device for use with single-line lubrication systems. Also in this issue, a great little How-To video from Lincoln on Grease gun maintenance cleaning procedures.

9/23/2019 – New Pumps and Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Mounting Clamp
FLO Components now represents Macnaught in Ontario and Manitoba, an expert manufacturer of world class grease, oil and fuel equipment, hose reels and positive displacement flow meters since 1948. We are introducing to the Canadian market, the Macnaught BOP20, the world’s first industrial-grade, completely portable and rechargeable, 18V battery operated oil pump for five-gallon buckets. Also in this issue, learn more about new product offerings from Lincoln: Model 1390 Lift-Action Multi-Fluid Pump, a manual barrel pump to transfer DEF and many other fluids from larger fluid drums to convenient containers or directly into equipment and vehicle reservoirs; Model 1392 Lever-Action DEF Transfer Pump, featuring a polypropylene construction, this durable lever-action pump is designed to transfer bulk fluid to smaller DEF containers or directly into vehicle reservoirs; Model 82770 Heavy-Duty Grease Gun Mounting Clamp, developed to securely hold a grease gun when not in use, in either stationary or mobile applications.

3/22/2019 – Lincoln Drum Plug Wrench; Grease Reservoir Filling Filter; SKF Lubrication Pinions
Learn more about new product offerings from SKF and Lincoln: Lincoln Drum Plug Wrenches for loosening and tightening plugs and caps on 16-gallon (60 l) and 55-gallon (208 l) drums; Lincoln Small Grease Reservoir Filling Filters, developed to minimize contaminants entering the Lubrication System during the fill process of smaller sized reservoirs; and SKF Lubrication Pinions for better contact lubrication of pinion gears on open gear wheels and gear racks.

3/1/2018 – Lincoln 1844 Grease Gun Giveaway Contest; Complimentary passes for the TRUCK WORLD 2018 Show; SKF Analog Ultrasonic Sensor; Announcing the Final Winner in the FLO 40th Anniversary Giveaway Contest
Find out details about FLO’s new Grease Gun Giveaway Contest and getting free passes to Truck World 2018. Also, learn more about the SKF Analog Ultrasonic Sensor – a sensor that utilizes ultrasonic waves to provide a non-contact measurement of the distance to the lubricant surface in SKF and Lincoln-branded pumps and reservoirs with lubricant capacities in excess of 5 litres.

7/5/2017 – New Products: QuickFit Oil Change Systems for Electrical Power Generators & Mobile Equipment, Lincoln 5900 PowerLock coupler, Lincoln model 616 and 617 (DEF) Fluid Extractors/Dispensers & SKF LMC 301 controller for lubrication applications where sophisticated control and feedback are required
In this issue, learn more about: QuickFit, an easier, safer, more economical and cleaner way to change oil, saving up to 70-80% of the time required for a traditional oil change, and dramatically increasing technician productivity, and technician and environmental safety; New 5900 PowerLock grease coupler, an easy-to-use lever activated coupler for quick attachment and release, developed to optimize lubricant delivery; Lincoln model 616 and 617 (DEF) fluid extractors/dispensers with syringe action, 1.5-liter fluid reservoir, twist-valve and dual-seal piston designed to transfer fluids quickly with no mess; SKF LMC 301 controller which enables a single unit to manage up to nine lubrication zones for simplified system design.

3/14/2017 – New Products: SKF Electric Cartridge Pump ECP, SKF PPS30 Piston Pump Unit for Oil and Fluid Grease, Lincoln Electrically Driven Lubricator EDL1 & Free Passes to NHES 2017
In this issue, learn more about: New SKF Electric Cartridge Pump ECP developed to lubricate bearings and linear guides in small machines; New SKF pneumatically driven PPS30 Piston Pump Unit for small- to medium-sized machines and equipment requiring oil and fluid grease; New Lincoln Electrically Driven Lubricator EDL1 which allows you to have one centralized reservoir supplying several sectional lubrication systems or a large machine with different lubrication requirements at varying distances; and getting free passes to the National Heavy Equipment Show 2017.

9/20/2016 – New Products: 12-volt, Lithium-ion Grease Gun, Pump for Volatile Applications, Wire Rope Lubricator & Free Passes to CWRE 2016
In this issue, learn more about: New Lincoln HTL 201 EEX Hydraulically Driven Pump for Volatile Applications such as underground mining; New Lincoln 12-volt, Lithium-ion PowerLuber Grease Gun developed for quick, effortless application of lubricant; New Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator developed as a service tool attached periodically to equipment to lubricate steel wire ropes; and getting free passes to the CWRE Show 2016.

1/19/2015 – FLO Offers New Mityvac Locking Hose Clamps, Fluid Extractor & VIP Passes to NHES 2015
In this issue, learn more about: Lincoln Upgrades to the PMV Pump Line; Lincoln Upgrades to the Value Series Hose Reels; New Mityvac Locking Hose Clamps; New Mityvac Fluid Extractor; and getting free passes to NHES Show 2015.

11/5/2013 – FLO Lube Basics Training Seminars Schedule Announcement
Improper lubrication accounts for 53% of all bearing failures, a major cause of equipment downtime and significant unnecessary maintenance costs. FLO “Lube Basics” seminars are designed to help you avoid these failures by turning your personnel into Lubrication Specialists. The FLO “Lube Basics” Seminar is designed and presented as an unbiased, 3rd party lubrication training program. We don’t sell to you, we teach you what you need to know about dealing with everyday lubrication issues, so when you apply what you learn, your payoff is immediate and permanent.

8/13/2013 – FLO Lube Tip – Handling & Storing Grease
Here are a few helpful hints about how to properly store and handle grease.

4/2/2013 – FLO Offers SKF SYSTEM 24 Gas Driven Single Point Automatic Lubricators
FLO Components is now offering the SKF SYSTEM 24 Gas Driven Single Point Automatic Lubricator. These gas generating units are supplied ready-to-use straight from the box and filled with a wide range of high performance SKF lubricants. Tool-free activation and time-setting allow easy and accurate adjustment of lubrication flow.

12/18/2012 – FLO Lube Tip – OOHSA ACT SEC Z432-04 Safeguarding Machinery, Item 14 Dealing with Maintenance & Lubrication
Hard-to-reach lubrication fittings present a major maintenance problem for the proper care of all types of machinery. Hidden or guarded lubrication fittings can lead to production downtime, higher operating and maintenance costs and the risk of personal injury to operators and employees. The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Canadian Standards Association section Z432-04 Safeguarding of Machinery, item 14 dealing with “Maintenance” states: “Machinery shall be designed to enable all routine adjustments, lubrication and maintenance to be carried out without removing the guard or disabling a safety device, and without extensive dismantling of machinery components.” This Newsletter offer some suggestions on how to deal with these issues.

7/4/2012 – Lubrication Solutions for Vehicle Service Facilities
With the ever increasing cost of lubricants and increased focus on environmental handling, having the proper system for your operation is more critical than ever before. FLO’s bulk Fluid Handling Solutions include all the necessary components to safely store, dispense and track your lubricant usage.

3/23/2012 – Introducing the perma FLEX Single-Point Lubrication System
FLO Components is now offering the new perma FLEX, an ideal single-point lubrication system for all types of applications and industries. This gas generating unit produces the required pressure to continuously supply the lubrication points with fresh lubricant for the selected discharge period. And activation has never been easier – just turn the switch to the required discharge period (1 – 12 months) and perma FLEX is ready to go.

1/24/2012 – FLO Offers New Lincoln Ion PowerLuber Grease Guns with multi-function LCD Displays
Lincoln has introduced the new 18v Li Ion PowerLuber Grease Guns with multi-function LCD Displays. The most advanced grease gun in its class, the 18-Volt PowerLuber features a multi-function LCD that displays: the quantity of grease dispensed, the quantity of grease remaining in the cartridge, the battery charge level, operation signal and stall indicator. Lincoln has also introduced its new ALS Fill Pump Kits for quickly filling automatic lubrication system reservoirs in lube truck, shop or plant applications.

9/28/2011 – FLO Offers New Lincoln Lines: Oil Bar and Spigots and Power Cord and Light Reels
Lincoln has introduced the Model 84951 Metal Oil Bar with a three-spigot capacity. New locking and non-locking Spigot variations are available to fit the unit. Lincoln has also introduced a new line of Power Cord and Light Reels. The new “Light-Duty Reels” are designed for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications in home, vehicle maintenance and factory environments. They are ideal for home and small vehicle service shops and feature a steel housing and 30-foot SJTOW cold weather compatible cord that is grease, oil and water resistant.

7/27/2011 – FLO Launches new Automatic Lubrication Resource Library Website Page
Be sure to check out the new FLO Resource Library Web Page. This page will feature How-to Videos and informative documents for automatic greasing systems, equipment and supplies. New materials will be added to this page monthly. Also in this newsletter, FLO wins the Minister’s Award for Apprenticeship Training and receives the “Distinguished Distributor Award” for 2010 from Lincoln Industrial Corp.

6/24/2011 – FLO Lube Tip – The Benefits of a Lube Audit
The unfortunate reality for most companies today is that the current in-plant lube program is not something that was proactively planned out and implemented. Instead, it was a piecemeal process, developed over many years over the life of the company through the addition of new equipment, processes and personnel. As a result, any number of problems can occur. A Lube Audit can help. This issue covers the basic steps to a Lube Audit and the results you can expect.

5/26/2011 – FLO Lube Tip – 3 Ways To Fill a Grease Reservoir on an Autogreaser
DON’T CONTAMINATE YOUR LUBE RESERVOIR! An Automatic Lubrication System will increase the life of your equipment by dispensing small measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while your equipment is operating. However, the incorrect method of refilling the lube reservoir through the lid will result in contamination of the system and ultimately leads to system breakdowns and unnecessary repairs or replacement costs. Here are 3 ways to properly refill the reservoir, while maintaining system integrity.

4/1/2011 – FLO Offers New Lincoln Rotary Drum Pumps
Lincoln has introduced three new Professional Rotary Drum Pumps for reliable, no-mess fluid transfer in automotive, agricultural and construction applications. Models 1385 and 1385-H move oils, diesel, kerosene, coolant, non-corrosive materials, petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic oils and ATF, while FM-approved Model 1387 safely moves gasoline as well.

11/19/2010 – FLO Offers Lincoln High-Volume Grease Pumps
Lincoln has introduced its new High Volume PowerMaster Grease Pumps. Designed for the quick transfer of grease from drums and bulk containers, the 12:1 and 24:1 pumps are ideal for filling automatic lubrication system reservoirs, transferring grease to smaller containers and feeding measuring ejectors with restricted priming pressure.

7/20/2010 – FLO Lube Tip – 5 Common Lubrication Mistakes
In a study conducted by a major component manufacturer, improper lubrication accounts for 53% of all bearing failures. Bearing failures are a major cause of equipment downtime and significant unnecessary maintenance costs. The majority of failures are caused by: contamination of bushings by dust, dirt and moisture; inadequate amounts of lubricant applied to bearings; or over-lubrication of key pivot points. 30 years of lubrication experience at FLO Components has shown us that there are 5 common lubrication mistakes.

6/24/2010 – FLO Lube Tip – Proper Steps for Filling a Lever Gun from Bulk Containers or Filler Pumps
For most companies, there comes a time when it becomes more economical to buy grease in bulk instead of cartridges. When you reach that point, these are the steps you’ll need to know to modify your grease gun so you can fill it from bulk, as well as the procedures for filling the gun from a bulk container or filler pump.

5/27/2010 – FLO Lube Tip – Proper Steps/Procedure for a daily “Walk-around Inspection” on Auto Lube Systems
An Automatic Lubrication System will not replace your regular machine maintenance inspection. You still have to check for loose or damaged lines and make sure that everything is operating smoothly. In this month’s issue, we outline the proper steps or procedure you should follow for a daily “walk-around inspection” on any auto greaser, regardless of brand.

4/29/2010 – FLO Lube Tip – Spring Prepping your Auto Lube System
Spring is here, and as we gear up for the upcoming production season, let us not forget that our mobile equipment also needs some extra TLC to prepare for the long summer months. Here is a brief checklist of things you should do now to make sure your automatic lubrication system (ALS) operates properly throughout the summer.

3/30/2010 – FLO Lube Tip – Reasons for Using an Auto Lube System
What’s the point of using an ALS? Here are 8 Reasons why you would use an Automatic Lubrication System.

2/24/2010 – FLO Lube Tip – Questions to Ask When Buying an Auto Lube System
Whether you know it as an automatic lubrication system (ALS), an autogreaser or a centralized grease lubrication system, an ALS automatically lubricates multiple points on a machine from a centralized pump/control unit which is mounted in an easily accessible location. However, there are several manufacturers offering automatic lubrication systems in the industry today, so when you’re sourcing a system, it’s important to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Make sure you ask the questions in this Newsletter.

12/17/2009 – Product Announcement
FLO is now offering several new Lincoln products, including: new 18-VDC and 120-VAC PowerLubers, new I-Beam Clamp For Mounting LFR Reels, and the Impact Fitting Cleaner Kit – Model 5805.

12/11/2009 – FLO Lube Tip – Winter prepping your Auto Lube System
Whether or not you conduct regular maintenance inspections or “walk arounds”, here is a brief checklist of things you should do now to make sure your automatic lubrication systems operate properly throughout the winter.

6/01/2009 – Product Announcement
FLO Components offer a variety of product lines to help you meet all your lubrication and fluid handling requirements: Manual Lubrication Equipment from Lincoln, Graco, Oil-Rite and Trico; Metering, Dosing Fluid Handling and Dispensing from Lincoln and Dopag; High-Temperature Conveyor Lubrication from Lincoln, Oil-Rite and Trico; Single Point Lubricators from Perma; and Specialty Lubricants from Petro-Canada, Anderol and Shell.

7/23/2008 – Lincoln Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps
FLO Components is now offering several new Lincoln products, including: New Dual-Inlet, Air-Operated, Double-Diaphragm Pumps, New Fluid Meters, New Dual Support Hose Reels and New Mini Workbench Reels for your greasing and fluid handling applications.

11/9/2007 – ORSCO Precision Oil Metering Automatic Spray Lubrication Systems
Want to extend your chain life, reduce unscheduled downtime while using less oil and ending up with a cleaner machine? This is all possible with affordable ORSCO precision oil metering, spray lubrication systems from FLO Components.

6/21/2007 – Lincoln QuickLub® Automated Lubrication Systems
Quicklub® Automated Lubrication Systems are designed to provide a relatively simple and cost-effective method of centralizing and/or automating the lubrication of your critical machine bearings.

5/4/2007 – FLO Service & The Right Grease
Flo Components offers a complete range of services including on-site installations, surveys of existing automated greasing systems, training and lubrication audits.
The Right Grease- Are you using the right grease for your application?

2/14/2007 – New Lincoln Pump and Reel Kit
The Reel-N-Pump Solution reduces daily manual lubrication time by half, empties the grease bucket completely and delivers grease in extreme temperatures.

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