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PERMA Single Point Automatic Lubricators - FLEX, NOVA, STAR


Every machine has critical lubrication points that are located in hard-to-get locations. Normally, these points are manually lubricated, but due to their location, with limited success. In many cases, there are potential safety issues in getting the technician to the location. The end result is a lack of confidence the lubrication schedule is being maintained. Whether or not the right amount of lubricant is consistently being delivered becomes another on-going source of concern.
More than 60% of all bearing failures and unscheduled down-time can be attributed to inconsistent lubrication practices. Damage is caused by:

  • Inadequate lubricant in the contact area
  • Environmental contamination migrating into the bearing
  • Failure to replenish lubricant on a consistent scheduled basis


FLO Components’ Single Point Automatic Lubricators (also referred to as drip feed lubricators or drip greasers) are a relatively inexpensive Solution to these issues. Simply install the Lubricator either directly on the bearing or through a remote line, set the timer as applicable, record the scheduled time for replacement and there is one less lubrication point to worry about. Typical applications include: electric motors, pumps, roller and slide bearings, chains, conveyors bearings and chains and open gears.

Single Point Automatic Lubricator - Perma Star Vario 250cc, 120cc and 60cc

Single Point Lubricators are available in a wide range of configurations. The correct Solution for your application will depend upon:

• Environmental Conditions – Temperature, Indoor vs. Outdoor, Dust, High Wash etc.

• Location of the Single Point Lubricator in relation to lubrication point

• How long between replenishment

• Physical space available at lube point

We will help you to select the type of Lubricator and the lubrication period that your equipment needs.


Return On Investment with perma single point lubrication systems
Video: Return On Investment – with perma lubrication systems
When a key piece of equipment fails or shuts down for maintenance, it can bring a halt to your entire production. In addition, calling in maintenance specialists can set you back in your budget and costs. With the proper lubrication, you can bypass these costly issues. Watch this video to learn more about how perma single-point lubrication solutions from FLO Components, help keep your equipment running smoothly, preventing downtime and costly repairs.


Contact us now with your application details. Based on your information, we will recommend the best Automated Lubrication System to meet your application’s specific requirements.


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