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Offroad Auto Greasing Systems: FLO Components; automatic greasing systems for loaders, pavers, excavators, graders, mining and other heavy equipment, hydraulic hammer lube pumps & wire rope lubrication systems.




Bearing failure resulting from improper greasing is a major cause of equipment downtime and significant unnecessary maintenance costs to major construction, road building, aggregate, forestry and mining companies. The majority of failures are caused by: contamination of bushings by dust, dirt and moisture; inadequate amounts of grease applied to bearings; or over-greasing of key pivot points.

Direct costs resulting from inadequate greasing can include: replacement bearings; labor to repair or replace bearings; lost time and its impact on productivity. Indirect, but very real costs of inadequate greasing include: wasted grease, environmental issues, safety or housekeeping issues, and higher labour costs related to inefficient manual greasing practices.





FLO Greasing Systems are designed for the extreme weather conditions and severe job requirements often faced in Canada, using components from Lincoln Lubrication. Completely reliable and fully automatic, a FLO System will increase your component life and overall productivity. The Autogreaser dispenses small measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while your equipment is operating, maintaining a consistent grease seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from migrating into your bearings. It will help keep your loaders, pavers, excavators, graders, mining and other heavy equipment out on the job and reduce your labor costs when compared to the traditional method of point-by-point manual greasing.

Points serviced by Central Automated Greasing Systems on an excavator



Increases life of critical wear points = Protect your investment
Less unplanned downtime
= Increase your profits
Reduces operator involvement
= Keep your operators focused on their primary job.
Improves safety
= You don’t have to climb over and under equipment to grease.
Fewer replacement parts to stock
= Lower your operating costs
Increases resale value of your equipment
Uses your standard NLGI #2 in-shop grease
= No inventory of higher-cost grease.




UV Automated Greasing System for loaders, pavers, excavators, graders, mining and other heavy equipment

FLO’s installed Automated Greasing System consists of a Lincoln 12/24 VDC Series 203 pump, Lincoln UV positive displacement grease metering valves, fittings, tubing, hose and custom guarding. Lincoln pumps include an integrated adjustable timer for easy installation, trouble-free operation and maximum flexibility. Grease reservoirs range from 5 – 15 lbs. Our automated greasing systems service steering cylinders, center articulation, oscillating axles, lift cylinders, boom anchors, bucket joints, transmission hanger bearings, suspension cylinder, dump box pivots, drill mast bearings, hammer surfaces, “H” links on excavators, and more. The FLO greasing system is suitable for most off-the-shelf North American greases currently in your shop. It will handle grease up to an NLGI #2 rating to -25 °C or -13°F.


Download Off Road Automatic Greasing Systems Brochure for loaders, pavers, excavators, graders, mining, heavy equipment


Download Automatic Greasing Systems Brochure for Sand & Gravel equipment



FLO Silo Gate Automatic Greaser

Asphalt Silo Gate Automatic Greasers
At an asphalt plant, a truck drives underneath the silo so hot asphalt can be deposited into the truck body, and then trucked to where the Paving crew is laying it down. The silo has a door or “gate” at the bottom, which has to be able to open and close repeatedly as the Plant fills the trucks. The hinges or bearings on these gates must be properly lubricated, because a seized gate can be catastrophic. The FLO Silo Gate Automatic Greaser lubricates the four main points of the gate and helps to eliminate the seized gate scenario. For more information, see our Silo Gate Autogreasing Systems Solutions page.


Automatic Lubricator Pump For Hydraulic Breakers

Lincoln Automatic Hammer Grease Pump
This unique Automatic Hammer Grease Pump protects your Critical Breakers / Hammers. The pump attaches directly to your hammer, gripper or crusher and is connected to the hydraulic power supplier of the carrier. Your operator, with the push of a pedal, automatically sends a single shot of grease to lubricate the bearing points. When the operator’s foot comes off the pedal and hydraulic fluid pressure is removed from the hammer, the drop in pressure releases the spring in the pump and recharges it so it is ready to lubricate again the next time the device is activated. Installed directly on the hammer, the pump travels with your hammer, not your machine.


Wire Rope Lubrication System

Wire Rope Lubrication System

This system replaces manual cleaning and lubrication of wire ropes. Using your Wire Rope Lube System, the old lubricant and grit are mechanically scraped from the grooves and surfaces of the wire ropes. Simultaneously, new lubricant is uniformly applied to the cleaned wire rope surface and injected into the inner core of the wire. The new lubricant reduces wear between individual strands of wire by replacing the trapped moisture in the wire rope. This eliminates a major cause of corrosion. The system will help provide you peace of mind in the safe operation of your wire rope and extends its working life.




FLO Components Ltd. – Your Offroad Autogreaser Partner

We are committed to “Meeting Customers’ Needs Better” with qualified, well trained people who focus at making us the best at responding quickly, at installing professionally and at providing quality customized lubrication solutions for all our customers – done right the first time. Our clients understand that they’re not dealing with “just another lube equipment supplier”. They consistently choose FLO because they know they can trust and rely on FLO to take care of them, quickly and professionally. That’s the FLO difference.

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 Stop Equipment Fires with Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems from FLO Components

Stop Equipment Fires with Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems from FLO Components

With construction equipment running hotter and operating 24-hours a day, there’s a greater risk of fires than ever before. If just a single piece of mobile equipment caught fire at your work site, what would be the impact?

• Halted production while you wait for replacement machines?
• Loss of valuable resources carried by the mobile asset?
• Increased insurance costs?
• Potential injury to your operator?

FLO Components Ltd. has teamed up with AFEX, the number one brand of vehicle fire suppression systems in the Americas, and the only fire suppression system purpose-built to withstand the everyday abuse heavy duty mobile equipment experiences.

If you’re looking to protect your equipment from the devastation of fire, FLO-installed AFEX Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems will effectively detect threats ranging from engine to debris fires, to protect your people and investments.

For more information, see our Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Solutions page.



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