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Auto Lube Systems Testimonials: FLO Components success stories – users of automatic lubrication systems, central lubrication systems, automated greasing systems, autogreasers



Industrial Fabrication Automated Greasing System Testimonial

Pat Berube
Engineering Manager
Industrial Fabrication

“I was looking for a company that could give me a complete solution for a lubrication system. One company told me to deal with FLO Components. They said ‘they’re a class act’ and ‘they’re the way to go’. We’re very pleased with it. It’s fairly simple to install and works very well.

We are still buying from them and will continue to buy from them. The customer support is there, the people are there, they look after our needs.

Right now, we’re looking good in front of the customer. We’ve chosen the best possible components for our machine. We’ve designed it so it goes the distance. Part of that choice we made for the components is obviously the FLO Components Lubrication System – it’s making us look good in front of our customer, it makes them look good so everybody’s happy.”

Download the Industrial Fabrication Testimonial Video – 2,829 KB


Vaughan Landscaping SM Luber System Testimonial

Giuseppe Agrippa
Vaughan Landscaping

“It’s super easy to use. All you need to do is change the grease canister when it runs out. It’s pretty straight forward: unscrew it; fill it up; close it back up and it’s ready to go. In terms of quality & performance it works well.”

“We’re 100% satisfied with the system. Also, service we’ve gotten from FLO is amazing.”

Download the Vaughan Landscaping Skidsteer Application Flyer – 496 KB


London Machinery Automatic Lubrication System TestimonialTim Wharton
Materials Manager
London Machinery

“The quality has been excellent. Quite frankly, with all the systems that have been installed, we haven’t had a single issue in the field – no customer complaints, so it’s been very reliable and consistently good. The installation people are knowledgeable so it’s very seamless.

The lube system is a service we provide to our customers and it’s great when you have someone that you can rely on to do it right the first time, every time. For a busy person like myself, it’s a phone call and the work is done, and that’s all I have to worry about.”

Download the London Machinery Testimonial Video – 2,688 KB


Sun Engineering Automatic Greasing System TestimonialDon Drown
Mechanical Design Supervisor
Sun Engineering

“FLO Components staff is excellent, …we find the staff very knowledgeable and very responsive to our needs and requests.

We haven’t had any issues with any of the components that FLO has supplied to us. It’s been a very good quality, reliable product.

They’ve been excellent at helping us and working with us for the custom applications. Their service and willingness to work on those custom applications with us is what’s developed a good relationship for both of us.”

Download the Sun Engineering Testimonial Video – 3,678 KB


Gazzola Automatic Greasing System Testimonial

Fausto Mussato
Head Mechanic
Gazzola Paving Limited

“…the system is a useful addition to all three pieces of equipment and delivers a noticeable improvement in component life compared to manual lubrication.”

“…the automatic lubrication ensures that the pins are regularly lubricated and, better still, can be fine tuned so that a slight outflow of grease provides an additional barrier to joint contaminants.”

Download the FLO Systems at Gazzola Paving Ltd. Article – 399 KB


Kapling and Company Autogreaser System TestimonialLyle Kapling
Kapling & Co.

“I’m quite pleased with the system. It saves me a lot of work and a lot of aggravation on the weekends.

I would say they’re excellent.

I’m quite pleased with the service and the way it does operate.”

Download the Kapling & Co. Testimonial Video – 1,782 KB

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