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Automatic Greasing Systems: FLO Components – Questions to ask when buying an On-Road Automatic Greasing System: automatic lubrication system, central lubrication system, automatic lube systems, autogreaser




There are several manufacturers offering automatic greasing systems for on-road trucks and trailers in the industry today, so when you’re sourcing a system, it’s important to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Ask the following questions:


Grease for automatic greasing systems
Does the greasing system require special grease?
A typical competitive parallel chassis greasing system requires that you use a higher-cost private label grease in order for the system warranty to be honoured. With FLO’s standard on-road greasing system you can use any brand of fluid grease NLGI #000 to 00 that meets the system specifications, down to -25 °C or -13 °F – you don’t have to use a specific brand of fluid grease.

Automatic Greaser Electric Pump
Is the pump electric or pneumatic?
Some competitive greasing systems use a pneumatic pump. That system will require two connections – a connection to the truck air system to operate the pump and a connection to the electrical system to operate the timer that controls the pump. FLO`s systems are totally electric with a 12/24 VDC Pump, making them much easier to install and maintain. No air is required and there is therefore no impact on the truck air system.

Automatic Greasing System Adjustable Grease Distributors
How do you adjust the volume of grease to the wear points?
The FLO automatic greasing system has adjustable grease distributors that allow you to increase or decrease the amount of grease being discharged to a single wear point. Individual distributors are easily adjusted to rates of 0.1 to 0.4 cm³ by simply changing the screw-in volume caps, without touching the grease lines, unlike typical competitive systems that require you to disconnect the grease lines to change the distributors.

Automatic Greaser Pressure Gauge
Does the greasing system include a pressure gauge?
A pressure gauge allows for visual monitoring of the system pressure during regular maintenance inspections. For most system manufacturers, a pressure gauge IS NOT supplied as standard – it must be specified. Every FLO automatic greasing system comes standard with a pressure gauge installed at the pump.

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