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FLO Components Ltd. – Canadian Distributor for GRACO Lubrication Canoe / Sourcewell Contract

GRACO Lubrication Canoe / Sourcewell Purchasing Program


GRACO Lubrication Canoe / Sourcewell Contract

GRACO Lubrication is a Canoe / Sourcewell Awarded Contract

Contract: 092920-GRC
Contract Valid Until: 7 Dec 2024
Invoiced Direct Through Supplier

As a member of the Canoe/Sourcewell purchasing group, your municipality has access to GRACO lubrication products, both for fluid handling equipment in the mechanical shop and select automatic lubrication equipment offerings for trucks and mobile heavy equipment. FLO is the authorized Canadian distributor for GRACO.

How It Works
1. Post a notice on your recognized electronic bid notification system to use the Canoe cooperative purchasing program.
2. Contact the supplier of your choice, requesting Canoe pricing.
3. Confirm your purchase with the contract number.

Program Benefits
• Access to a wide range of products and services
• Already tendered on your behalf
• Fully compliant with CETA, CFTA, NWPTA, and other relevant trade legislation
• Preferential pricing and service

Purchase equipment for pumping, dispensing, metering and controlling bulk lubricants, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and grease.


Vehicle Service Fluid Handling Equipment


Fire-Ball Pumps & Packages

Fire-Ball Pumps & Packages
Designed for the toughest applications, for over 60 years, Graco Fire-Ball® pumps and packages have been a mainstay in the lubrication marketplace for durability and long life.

• Fewer moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost.
• Flexible pumps – choose one for low-, medium- or high-volume applications.
• Industry-leading performance and reliability.
• Improve your profits with less money going to maintenance!


XD Series Hose Reels

XD Series Hose Reels
Graco’s XD™ and XDX™ Series hose reels are designed to handle high-performance, heavy-duty applications. Easily retract larger lengths and diameters of hose with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic rewind options.

• Engineered to take a lot of punishment.
• Durable steel spool rides on sealed roller bearings for trouble-free performance.
• Long-lasting spring is sealed for protection against the weather.
• Full-flow swivel maximizes material flow with minimal pressure drop.

EM Series Electronic Meters

EM Series Electronic Meters
Graco’s EM® Series electronic dispense meters feature a robust design. These long-lasting units are weather rated and shock resistant with IP69K sealed and protected electronics.

• High-performance meters.
• Long-lasting, high-quality valves built from the finest components.
• Increase productivity with the high flow rate – up to 20 gpm.
• Durable construction and design ensures a long life.


Bulk Fluid Management Systems

Bulk Fluid Management Systems
A bulk oil fluid management system will help you improve your operational efficiencies by giving you the ability to closely monitor your day-to-day oil consumption while keeping an eye on bulk oil inventory control. Bulk oil tracking is essential if you’re overseeing a vehicle service center for cars, heavy trucks or heavy equipment, and Graco leads the industry with wire-free and PC-based solutions in a bulk oil fluid management system. With your system in place, you’ll always have the information you need to order the right amount of oil at the right time.

For more information on Graco Bulk Fluid Management Systems, visit FLO’s Pulse® Pro Fluid Inventory Control and Management systems page.



Automatic Lubrication Equipment


Grease Jockey Series

Grease Jockey Series
Graco’s family of Grease Jockey automatic lubrication systems keeps your equipment running at peak performance and takes the hassle out of manual lubrication. Eliminate wasted time and missed lube points.

• Keeps your equipment operating, even in harsh conditions.
• Extends component life up to four times.
• Reduce your equipment downtime – lubricate while your equipment is operating.
• Reduce operating costs – service more vehicles in less time.
• Flexible configurations, customize a Grease Jockey system to fit your needs.


G-Mini Pumps

G-Mini Pumps
Robust, reliable and packed with power, the compact G-Mini® lubrication pump is built with rugged materials to handle small-scale lubrication, while withstanding the rigors of most environments, including harsh climates and worksites.

• Extend uptime on a wider range of equipment.
• Deploy automatic lubrication on smaller machines, or on equipment with fewer lubrication points – making it a right-sized, right-priced solution for your fleet.
• Accommodates those with specific small-scale applications previously forced to pay for an oversized, overqualified auto lube system.


GLC™ Series Controllers

GLC™ Series Controllers
For demanding on-vehicle automatic lubrication applications, professionals turn to Graco’s GLC™ Series Controllers. These controllers provide the necessary options to get the lubrication system right-sized for your application.

• Controls series progressive, single line parallel and other types of lubrication systems.
• Icon based programming and LED lights make it easy to program and receive system feedback.
• Backed by worldwide customer service and an industry-leading warranty.



About the Canoe Procurement Group

Canoe is a cooperative buying group tailored to municipalities, non-profits, and the public sector across Canada. Canoe is the largest municipally-focused cooperative purchasing group in the country, with over 5000 members.

Canoe has gone to RFP on behalf of the entire membership, meaning member organizations just need procure what they need directly through the program. Canoe Procurement’s programs meet all legislative and trade agreement requirements.

Canoe offers procurement options for most of the major things that municipalities need, with more than 200 approved suppliers in over 60 programs.

For more information about the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, visit


Contact us to learn more about Graco’s Canoe contract and product offerings.


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